A/C Tier I Service Plan




Tier I Service Plan – $129.99

  • System Check for Proper Operation
  • Check and Calibrate Thermostat
  • Test and Clean Blower for Optimum Performance
  • Clean, flush and inspect all Condensate Lines and Pumps
  • Clean Internal/External Components of System and Accessories or Dirt/Debris
  • Check System for Air Leaks; Seal as Needed
  • Check Flue Pipe Connections for Proper Seal
  • Inspect and Test System Controls (Contactors, Capacitors, and Boards)
  • Check Combustion Draft Motors
  • Check CO Levels in the Home and Test Detectors
  • Test Refrigerant Pressures
  • Tighten Voltage Lines
  • Clean Coils
  • Replace 1” Air Filter
  • Service Air Cleaner

Download PDF with Available Service Plans